Group Picture

Left to Right: Alvin, Vienna, Julio, Vanessa, Asri, Gan Szehoon, Jessica, Jedesidi, Zulfadli

It is with the dedication of the team of eight members based on-site (two of whom are from the local villages) that the work of MERC continues. The enthusiasm of all our staff and belief in what they are doing is apparent in the way they share their experiences with visitors.

The team is guided by Alvin Wong, Project Director of MERC, who wraps up his thoughts about MERC this way - 'God creates life, conservationists help to preserve it. At MERC, we aim to reintroduce life. Life brings joy. Share our joy by supporting our work'.

Vienna Anastasia Admodisastro - Marine Biologist

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the clam spats (which I call 'my precious little babies'!) produced in the hatchery and the broken coral fragments planted by the visitors growing and doing so well. I believe each one of us has a significant role to play in protecting the environment, whether directly involved in conservation or not.

Vanessa Rose Stephens - Jr. Marine Biologist

I find that a lot of people don't realize that corals are actually reef-building animals that provide homes for hundreds of species of fish. They are threatened by fish bombing, sedimentation from land, and pollution from the city as well as from neighboring islands. What we are doing here are just baby steps in a bigger picture, steps we hope will make all the difference to the marine life!

Muhamad Asri Bin Aripin - Asst. Marine Biologist

This is the most exciting job I have had, I never get bored. At MERC I learn new things every day through my work assisting the marine biologists in our conservation programmes. I am proud to be able to contribute towards the marine world as well as the local communities, whether directly or indirectly.