This is amazing work. Preserving the environment is the only way to preserve our tomorrow. Thank you for preserving our tomorrows.
Shehkar Mehta
Director, Rotary International [21 May 2012]
Thank you for your wonderful work that you do for all of us. People like you give us back our mood and optimism for our common future that largely depends upon the preservation of our environment. Thank you also for this unique experience we all enjoyed.
H.E. Dr. Janos Martonyi
Foreign Minister, Hungary [28 April 2012]
Keep up the good work. Keep clam and carry on!!!
Ronan Keating
21 April 2012
MERC's key role in providing the marine ecology a breath of fresh air is one to be commended. Their environmental research and environmental education programmes are of top notch quality. The giant clam biodiversity conservation programme and coral reef restoration programme are facing good survival and growth rates; thus providing hope for the future of Malaysia' s degraded reefs.
V. Thiyagarajan
Assistant Professor, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong [11 April 2012]
We applaud and encourage MERC's efforts in arresting the loss of endangered giant clams by putting in a long term plan of releasing cultured giant clams into the wild.
Dr. Suzanne Mingoa-Licuanan
Project Leader, Giant Clam Project, The Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines [10 April 2012]
MERC has been making significant contributions to the field of marine science especially in giant clam's rehabilitation and restoration through contributions at scientific conferences and workshops. We commend this contribution as scientific data of these clams are essential towards the survival of its species.
Prof. Zulfigar Yasin
Professor in Marine Ecology, School of Biological Sciences, University Science Malaysia [25 March 2012]
This is indeed a lifetime experience. You are here doing the most noble work of all. You are preserving and saving life on earth. Congratulations.
I wish the whole world was with us here. My greatest appreciation and respect.
Taleb Rifai
Secretary General, UN-World Tourism Organization [6 October 2010]
I applaud your efforts at revitalization of sea species and I wish you great success. The world need more such initiatives to keep biodiversity alive and the number of species vibrant.
Martha Stewart
25 May 2010