At MERC, there is a strong belief that directly involving visitors in conservation work instils a sense of responsibility and ownership in caring for the environment. Through positive interaction, there is a much higher chance of convincing our visitors how delicate corals are, and prove that everyone can play a role in saving our marine life.

Visitors can choose a piece of hard coral fragment to plant. Visitors ‘plant’ the coral pieces into specially prepared cement-base plates, which are then labelled and left to stabilize in the centre’s holding tanks for at least two weeks, monitored by our marine biologists before it is planted in the Coral Garden in the sea.

More and more people are participating in coral planting activities at MERC. The number of tables in the Coral Garden has increased from 3 to 7 tables, with over 2000 planted corals. The Coral Garden is becoming a significant attraction to colourful tropical fish species and benthic organisms.

Call it Your Own

Visitors can also choose to adopt the corals they plant and receive periodic updates on the progress of their adopted coral online. This adoption programme allows ‘foster parents’ to witness the growth of the corals, imparting a true sense of ownership to the sensitive marine ecosystem we have inherited.