Ever wondered what it takes to become a Marine Biologist? If yes, then sign up and work with our Marine Biologists and spend A Day as a Marine Biologist. One can choose from four packages – all programmes consist of a day-long experience which will provide a glimpse behind the scenes of marine biologists and the painstaking work and research that goes into producing giant clams and restoring them to the reefs.

Package 1: Corals on the Move (RM440, 3 hours)

Participants get the chance to replant coral fragments that were planted a week earlier, moving them from the stabilizing tank in the MERC laboratory to the underwater tables of the Coral Garden. While underwater, participants will monitor the growth rates of 'adopted corals' - measuring the height and width of the corals, counting the number of branches of each coral and taking pictures from different angles of the coral.

Monitoring the conditions of the reefs is also taught, and participants are charged with collecting Drupella snails that are on or around the coral plates, counting and registering dead corals' number tags on a slate and removing it from the tables, and, cleaning the site.

Package 2: Rock 'n' Roll Corals (RM440, 3 hours)

This programme involves participants tying coral fragments to a Biorock structure, one of the artificial reefs in the area which utilizes mild electricity to accelerate the accretion of calcium carbonate and promote faster growth of corals.

Participants will learn (and perform) the intricacies of collecting broken corals lying amongst the live reef, tying them on the Biorock structure using wire mesh and monitoring the state of corals on the Biorock, all whilst documenting work both visually, and in the written form on plastic slates. The site is also observed, and removal of Drupella conducted.

Package 3: Green Water for "greenies" (RM230, 3 hours)

Phytoplankton or commonly referred to as green water, is important as live food for many young marine animals, including giant clams. This package aims to introduce the importance and production of phytoplankton to novices. Identify some common species, transfer stock culture to larger containers and transfer indoor culture to mass culture outdoor.

Package 4: Little ADAMB (A Day as a Marine Biologist) (RM230, 3 hours)

Do you want to be a Marine Biologist in the future? Discover how to conduct a water quality test, culture phytoplankton, prepare food for MERC's exhibits and replant coral by signing up now. This package is applicable to children from ages 7 to 12 years old.

Please note that one must be a certified diver (or have attended Discover Scuba Diving one day prior to attending the programme) to participate in Package 1 and Package 2. All packages are led by our qualified Marine Biologists, who guide you through the entire day. Depending on the time, lunch or tea break is included, during which, a debriefing is conducted.